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Advanced Full Stack Web Development Course

Full Stack Web Development course offers a dynamic learning experience. Covering both front-end and back-end technologies, students will gain proficiency in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript for creating captivating user interfaces, as well as Node.js and databases like MongoDB for robust server-side development. Through hands-on projects, they’ll master essential tools like Git, learn to build responsive and interactive websites and understand the basics of API integration. With a focus on real-world applications and industry best practices, our course equips aspiring developers with the skills needed to excel in today’s web development landscape.

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Why I Should Enroll for Full Stack Master Program?
Enrolling in Innovate Technologies’ Full Stack Master Program is a strategic career move. It equips you with both front-end and back-end development skills, making you a versatile asset in the tech industry’s high-demand job market. Whether you seek career advancement, dream of entrepreneurship, or desire project independence, this program provides the knowledge and problem-solving abilities required. It fosters adaptability and collaboration, encouraging continuous learning to keep pace with the evolving tech landscape. Real-world projects in the curriculum help build a strong portfolio. In a rapidly changing digital world, this program empowers you with the expertise and versatility needed for long-term success.

What are the prerequisites for enrollment?
Innovate Technologies offers a welcoming environment with no prerequisites for enrollment. Our commitment to accessible education means that anyone with the passion and motivation to learn about cloud computing, data science, or full-stack development is encouraged to join our programs. Whether you’re a beginner looking to start your tech journey or an experienced professional seeking to upskill, our courses are designed to cater to diverse backgrounds and skill levels. We believe in fostering inclusivity and providing opportunities for all to thrive in the tech industry. Join us and embark on a transformative learning journey with no barriers to entry.

Full Stack Masters Program Syllabus


Month 1: Introduction to Web Development and HTML/CSS (16 hours)
Week 1-2

❖ Introduction to Web Development (2 hours)
❖ HTML Fundamentals (4 hours)
❖ Styling with CSS (4 hours)
❖ Responsive Design (6 hours)


Week 3-4

❖ JavaScript and Front-End Frameworks (32 hours)
❖ Introduction to JavaScript (6 hours)
❖ DOM Manipulation (6 hours)
❖ Introduction to React.js (10 hours)
❖ Building UI Components with React (10 hours)


Month 2: Back-End Development and Databases (48 hours)
Week 4-5

❖ Back-End with Node.js and Express.js (24 hours)
❖ Introduction to Node.js (6 hours)
❖ Building RESTful APIs with Express.js (12 hours)
❖ User Authentication and Authorization (6 hours)


Week 5-6

❖ Databases and API Integration (24 hours)
❖ Introduction to Databases and MongoDB (6 hours)
❖ NoSQL Databases (4 hours)
❖ Connecting Back-End to Database (4 hours)
❖ Consuming APIs on the Front-End (6 hours)
❖ Handling API Responses (4 hours)


Month 3: Advanced Topics and Full-Stack Development (48 hours)
Week 6-7

❖ Advanced Back-End and Security (24 hours)
❖ Advanced Express.js Concepts (8 hours)
❖ User Authentication using JWT (6 hours)
❖ Secure Coding Practices (6 hours)


Week 7-8

❖ Deployment and Capstone Project (24 hours)
❖ Deployment Strategies (4 hours)
❖ Introduction to Docker (4 hours)
❖ Project Work and Implementation (8 hours)


Month 4: Full-Stack Application Development (48 hours)

Week 8-9

❖ Full-Stack Application Development (32 hours)
❖ Integrating Front-End with Back-End (6 hours)
❖ State Management in React (8 hours)
❖ Real-Time Communication with Websockets (6 hours)
❖ Project Work and Mentoring (12 hours)


Week 9-10

❖ Emerging Trends and Final Presentations (16 hours)
❖ Introduction to PWAs and Serverless Architecture (8 hours)
❖ Student Project Presentations and Peer Evaluation (8 hours)


Full Stack Development Training Schedule

Explore our comprehensive Full Stack Development training program and discover the batch timings that best fit your schedule. Join us to embark on an exciting journey into the world of full-stack development and acquire valuable skills for your IT career.


03-06-2024 Mon (Mon – Fri)
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22-06-2024 Sat (Sat – Sun)
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Corporate Training

If you wish to provide your valued employees with an experience of trending technologies, we are here to assist you!


At Innovate Technologies, we understand that education is an investment in your future. As a testament to your dedication and hard work, we are proud to offer a valuable certification upon successful completion of our Full stack development course.

Full stack web development course certificate


What is full stack development ?

Full stack development involves mastering both front-end (user interface) and back-end (server-side) technologies to build complete web applications.

Who is this course for ?

This course is designed for beginners with no prior experience, career changers looking to enter the tech industry, and current developers seeking to broaden their skillset.

Do you offer placement assistance for full stack development course ?

Yes, we assist graduates with resume building, interview preparation, and connecting them with potential employers in Chennai’s thriving tech scene.

Do you offer online options for students outside Chennai for the Full Stack Development Course ?

Yes! Learn from anywhere with our comprehensive online program featuring live interactive sessions, and project support. Enroll in our Full Stack Development Course and join our virtual learning community.

Are your instructors experienced in the field?

Absolutely! Our instructors are highly qualified and have extensive experience in the IT industry. They are passionate about teaching and are dedicated to helping you succeed.

Will I work on real-world projects during the Full Stack Development Course ?

Yes! Gain practical experience through multiple hands-on projects, culminating in a capstone project where you’ll build a full-fledged web application independently.


I studied full-stack development at Innovate Technologies in Velachery.The course content was comprehensive and well-organized. The interactive sessions and hands-on training, including live assignments, made the learning process engaging and practical.

Vijay Raju

I had a fantastic learning experience at Innovate Technologies while studying Data Science. The quality of education and supportive environment make it an excellent choice for anyone looking to pursue an IT course.